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Saturday, 03 October 2020 23:57


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Months of hard work, it must be admitted. But what a satisfaction to finally be able to touch the finished garments with my hand! Preparing the first Rarynoi collection took us longer than expected. On the other hand, working during the global pandemic was not that easy. Despite everything we did it!

If you have already read our ideology, you surely know that our brand differs from others precisely because of the importance it gives to individual items. In fact, by giving them the name, the history, the ideology we have created a kind of magic that involves each of our products. It is an added value, don't you think?



viscose dress italian in the mountains

midi dress viscosa red colour


For the first collection we opted for viscose also called 'artificial silk'. An artificial fiber, but of natural origin, because viscose is extracted from cellulose in a liquid state. The fabric ensures temperature balance. Also with regard to comfort, viscose is considered a pleasant fabric to wear, extremely soft and enveloping the body.

To present the collection we have chosen our beloved mountain. We have risen to 2,000 meters above sea level! Look at the beautiful view, do you recognize the mountain behind? Yes, it is Monviso!


 the dress in the italian mountains alps

italian brand viscose dress piedmont



A perfect way to recharge your b a t t e r i e s ?
Scream into the void that it is not empty. Tranquillity
never moved even if you try in a thousand ways. Here
it is and will always be so  q u i e t  and pleasant.
The best way to gather strength is to get tired
until  t h e   e n d . The best way to find the
solution is simply  n o t   t o   t h i n k  about it.



italian collection rarynoi brand
new italian brand created high quality dresses

italian mountains and vintage dresses viscose


Union of  f e m i n i n i t y  and  c o m f o r t .

With love,

Rarynoi Team


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