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Monday, 26 October 2020 21:47


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Based on a true story.

Rarynoi's clothes are #MadeInPiemonte, it's true. But who said they can't take a little vacation outside Piedmont? They can and how!

Here is Habere's story. You already know this dress. You have certainly read her ideology and guessed the identity of this timeless dress. But wait, what does timeless mean? Timeless. Yes yes, of course. But do you want to know the true meaning? Timeless means eternal but also suitable. Always suitable. It is always that which for the first time does not become boring.



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long dress italian style high quality rarynoi



Let's go back to Habere's identity:

Habere non haberi – To own and not to be possessed

Here is the motto of this dress.



true italian style long dress sicily

 red viscose dress midi italian style


Habere in one way or another conveys the importance of everything that is not material. It's up to you to get into it all the way or wear this dress just because you like the style. The choice is yours.

Sit down, drink a good coffee and ... let's go to the Aeolian Islands!




     Some say it is a place to go only on vacation. You know, for a week and then that's it, then you come home, you look at the photos you took, you smile twice and then you forget. Forget planning another trip. Yes, some say so. But not Habere. She is different.

     You don't travel to travel. You travel with your eyes always wide open and try to notice every detail. She imagines that she has even managed to find a field of olive trees in the middle of nowhere. The others stopped to admire the caper plants.

-Hey, have you ever seen how capers are harvested? Look, this is the map!

     Yes, but she looked up and in that moment she noticed a fairytale landscape. She jumped over the wall and started running among the olive trees.

-What are you doing! Are you crazy?

     Yes it was a little bit. She also admitted it every time someone said it. 

     Was the landscape truly beautiful? I don't know, you rate it. For her it was something special. She jumping over that wall like she was a child and she teleported to a different place. One olive tree after another led to a small church ... A small church overlooking the sea! Oh then perfection exists. You just need to know how to grasp it. Knowing how to notice it. She did it. She does it every time. She goes crazy.

-But that's enough! All this is beautiful, gorgeous, call it what you want! Let's go see Pollara!

     Oh yeah, I didn't tell you: Pollara is the place in Salina most loved by all tourists. But Habere doesn't usually like things that everyone likes. You know, too often it goes against the grain for the fun of it. Sometimes he just closes his eyes not to see the beauty that everyone else is noticing. She finds her beauty, only her. The strange, unique one, forgotten by God and especially by tourists. But… she went there.


     They say that from here you can see the sunset that leaves you speechless. They say that from here you can see Stromboli colored orange every time the sun touches the tip of the volcano. They say you have to see to believe it.

     Habere was speechless, she saw the sun and the volcano come together. Habere climbed a wall again this time but nothing happened. She stayed in the same place, she didn't teleport anywhere. At first she thought that the wall was broken. Come on, it always worked! It worked every time! Then she realized that this was exactly where she was supposed to be at that very moment. 

-The wall works - she said.

-What? What wall? - they asked.

-Nothing nothing. I'm just crazy. - She replied without taking her eyes off the volcano.



salina island and long dress vintage

pollara sunset italian dresses rarynoi


Habere's trip was unforgettable, believe me. I hope you have smelled the scent of the sea, the sound of the waves ... Owning what cannot be possessed. Just like a sunset in Pollara. Just like the wind in your hair traveling the streets of Salina. Just like the scent of the sea that you feel even though you are not on the beach.

Don't be possessed. Eh, that unfortunately (or fortunately) depends only on you. From the decisions you make or won't make. From the fear that will take you by the hand or from that damn courage in abundance.


with love,


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