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Tuesday, 15 December 2020 22:44


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Based on a true story.

Once you've found the way

you won't have to use the map anymore.



Do you know the true legend of the Faraglioni of Capri? Do you know?


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Frangar. It is really her. The one that she preferred to hurt herself rather than admit her weaknesses to the world. She never admitted. Among the deep and not very reassuring waters of this island that she isolates is not her, she tried in every way to find the strength that she did not have but that she pretended to have. Do you see these rocks by the sea?

She knew them too well. She knew that one had fantastic animals, strangely blue. She knew that by crossing one of these rocks she would find eternity. Despite this, she loved to admire the rocks from afar. After all she was afraid ... not of the blue animals. But of eternity. But she had never admitted it. She never admitted. But what eternity are we talking about? He had heard him speak in the bars of Capri and Anacapri. He had heard it from people on the street. He told himself of those who, crossing the stack, never returned.

Fear mixed with curiosity.


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Going under the Stella stack, because that's what the old people at the bar called it, he realized that… nothing has changed. Just in this way he noticed that her eternity depended only on her. From the efforts she made and the choices she made. At that exact moment she had found the right path. And how well do you know: Once you find your way - you won't have to use the map anymore. You have decided not to admire the rocks on the sea from afar anymore. She has decided to leave and create her own eternity.

On the other side of the stack, however, there were people who admired the beauty of the rocks imagining every possible eternity. Every possible scenario. They admired them from afar.


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The Stella Faraglione is simply a door. Any door.

Are you afraid to cross it?


With love,


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