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Sunday, 15 November 2020 22:28



Based on a true story.

Rarynoi clothes love to travel. Has Habere been to the island of Salina, where Impera is located? To find out, get on board quickly because we are about to leave! Hey wait, take off your shoes first! This is the first rule when you get on board. Ready, are we all here? Departure!

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Thus began the long journey to the unknown islands. Some said that I am wonderful and that I am wrong to sleep on board, that I should rent a room for one night on each island. Only then could I live this journey to the full. But I'm Impera, I'm made of blue. Blue Marine. How could I sleep on dry land? I threw myself into the blue of this sea. I want to live it. But first you better learn to swim.

Some told me about the uninhabited islands and I wanted to go there. I wanted to touch places that no one has ever touched. I like adventures, you notice huh?

Some told me of a place, a cove near one of the volcanoes, where there are sea monsters. Where they come from is unknown. There are those who believe in the hand of Lucifer, there are those who rely on science. They said that those who saw them did not come out without injuries. They say monsters they attract with their beautiful colors and enchanting movements and then… and then if you're lucky - tell them. If I was afraid? Ahaha, I am Impera. I was just curious. But then who still believes in monsters?

There he is! Here it is the volcano. I've never seen one before. I was perplexed. It doesn't seem dangerous at all. In fact, he looked completely innocent. Sometimes what we see above the surface of the water hides much more. I imagined the ice-berg and the whole story of the Titanic. What is this volcano hiding?

I threw myself into the blue. In the navy. Looking for monsters in which I did not believe in the least. I found the sensations underwater. I collected them one by one. I went upstairs to get some air. I dived again. Strange. All the sensations I collected started to make sense. A sense of danger. Danger led me to a cave. It shone blue, not navy blue. It just shone.

- Enchanting - I thought.

I looked around and saw the monster. Yes. I saw it in front of me. She fascinated. She was a jellyfish., The most beautiful I have ever seen. Untouchable. Beautiful from afar.

-What a laugh - I thought

Everyone has their own monsters. Mine was certainly not her. I have decided to leave her alone and go back on board. The sea was starting to be rough and I was close to the rocks. Swimming in the blue I realized I was hardly moving, I was as if suspended. Here, the current was so strong that it made it impossible to return on board.

The sensations I gathered earlier began to mix with each other. They were panicking. I tried to reassure each of them. Should I have worried? Was I to shake like the waters I was in? I did not. Not even when I noticed a minefield of jellyfish of all kinds in front of me. I had to cross this field. Somehow. The waters looked like champagne. A thousand bubbles that pampered the jellyfish and me. And the feelings that I have collected.

If I succeeded? I'm telling you, then probably yes.


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Divide and rule. Literally.

Sounds like a fairy tale, right? What if I told you that everything you just read is true? Covered in fine words, but still true. Would you believe it?

We got ashore. You can get off or stay.

With love,


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Saturday, 03 October 2020 23:57


Months of hard work, it must be admitted. But what a satisfaction to finally be able to touch the finished garments with my hand! Preparing the first Rarynoi collection took us longer than expected. On the other hand, working during the global pandemic was not that easy. Despite everything we did it!

If you have already read our ideology, you surely know that our brand differs from others precisely because of the importance it gives to individual items. In fact, by giving them the name, the history, the ideology we have created a kind of magic that involves each of our products. It is an added value, don't you think?



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For the first collection we opted for viscose also called 'artificial silk'. An artificial fiber, but of natural origin, because viscose is extracted from cellulose in a liquid state. The fabric ensures temperature balance. Also with regard to comfort, viscose is considered a pleasant fabric to wear, extremely soft and enveloping the body.

To present the collection we have chosen our beloved mountain. We have risen to 2,000 meters above sea level! Look at the beautiful view, do you recognize the mountain behind? Yes, it is Monviso!


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A perfect way to recharge your b a t t e r i e s ?
Scream into the void that it is not empty. Tranquillity
never moved even if you try in a thousand ways. Here
it is and will always be so  q u i e t  and pleasant.
The best way to gather strength is to get tired
until  t h e   e n d . The best way to find the
solution is simply  n o t   t o   t h i n k  about it.



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Union of  f e m i n i n i t y  and  c o m f o r t .

With love,

Rarynoi Team


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