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Art emulates nature


There is a lot of talk about the breathtaking views. Views that have been there, right in that place for a long long time regardless of what happens in the world. They've been there since before we were born. But the incredible thing is that the so-called breathtaking views are so breathtaking also the second ... the third ... and the fourth time. In fact, every time you look at it you think exactly the same thing.


It fascinates you,

it amazes you,

it involves you.


Unconsciously you take a deep breath to feel, perceive and notice more this everything around you. Regardless of how much of art you have in your veins.

Have you ever noticed it?


And we, who are now used to getting bored immediately ... We are amazed.


Nature is timeless.
Art is timeless.



Ideology of Naturea: What is really beautiful does not go to the second place..



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